MING by JM Group Limited


MING by JM Group Limited

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MING designs for age group from 25 to 40 year-old, tailor for women with noble life and fashion expectations. The brand offers a smart causal look; design relies on the detail work done on each garment. MING uses simple harmonious color series; the beliefs are concentrated on the tailoring and the fabric materials such as the fine quality wool, the soft purified cotton, and imported specialty fabric.

The Western Oriental outlook together with the fine material selection and tailoring distinguishes MING from other brands in the market.

MING is a new contemporary womenswear brand label run by JM Group Limited (here refer as JM). The philosophy behind this brand is simple individuality. Each piece of the collection is unique and has been design for the discerning women, using only the highest quality materials. Influences have been drawn from traditional oriental attire and combined with modern European styling to create a completely different look. MING attraction reaches varies different countries, currently sells the European market such as Turkey, Australia, America, Hong Kong and other Southeast Asia countries.


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